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v7.0 Leaked Cosmetics

Patch v7.00 was released early this morning, since then we have been hard at work digging through game files trying to find the latest leaks. While some of the following cosmetics might be released with the Battle Pass today, others cosmetics will be available to players later on in the Fortnite Item shop.
Here are the leaked skins from today’s Fortnite update:

Waypoint (Rare) – “Make your move.”

Wingtip (Rare) – “Flying on the edge.”

Cloudbreaker (Rare) – “Turbulent by nature.”

  • ? (RavenWinter (Male))
  • ? (RedNightWinter (Female))
  • ? (CupidWinter (Male))
  • ? (Math (Male))

NOTE: This article is a work in progress, we’ll update you when we have more leaked cosmetics


  • Scratchmark
  • Scorcher
  • Ice
  • Scepter
  • Icicle
  • Abominable Axe

Back Bling

Coming soon


  • Rickety Runner
  • Tactical Sleigh
  • Glidurrr
  • Royale Air