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Possible Candy Cane wrap coming to Fortnite

With Season 7 just being released, we’ve seen a few new customizable cosmetics including weapon and vehicle wraps. Wraps are basically the equivalent to skins. Throughout the Battle Pass we can see a few of these new “wraps” including “Arctic Camo”, “Festive Paper”, “Ultra Red”, “Durr Burger”, “Indigo Ice”, and “Carbon & Gold”. Although there seems to be one more wrap that was not included in the Battle Pass. Within the Fortnite game files, there seems to be a Candy Cane wrap which is listed as a wrap but not currently in the game.

Luckily, thanks to AlexFNLeaks on Twitter we are able to see what this Candy Cane wrap looks like in-game.

There is no current release date on this wrap, nor do people know how this wrap will be accessible. There have been some speculations that there will be Christmas Challenges in order to obtain this wrap. Apart from that, we’ll have to wait and see.