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New Snow Files Have Been Leaked

We’ve been digging in the files since the release of patch v6.31 and we came across two new snow files. Previously Epic added new files that did confirm snow would be coming to the Fortnite map this December. Those files included new sounds for players walking and running on areas covered in snow. The new snow files we came across are in a folder labeled ‘Fort Effects’. One file is labeled ‘Snow-Ambient_Island’ and the other is called ‘SnowFlakes_Simple.

We also discovered some new snowstorm sounds thanks to our buddy Happy Power. Below is a video where you can hear the snowstorm sounds.

A snowy texture was also discovered that was labeled Curropt Rock Ice, which we can assume it will be used in the new areas affected by the snowstorm, while a new Ice Fog was also added.

Over the last couple weeks, we have been tracking a snowstorm that is getting closer and closer to the Fortnite map. We can assume that this storm will fall as part of an in-game event where players will be able to watch as the snow covers the Fortnite map grounds. While none of this has been confirmed by Epic Games, we can assume that there will be a blizzard hitting the Fortnite map very soon, only time will tell. We will update you when we know more.