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New consumable found in Fortnite Files

Since the releases of Fortnite Season 7, we have been busy digging through the game files to see what Epic Games has in store for us this season. Our search has led us to discover a new consumable. We have good reason to believe that Epic Games is going to add a ‘Durr Burger’ consumable. Other than the names of the files, no other information about this new consumable has been discovered as of yet. The name of the file is ‘SM_DurrBurgerPickUp.uasset’.
This is not the first time we have seen the Durr Burger consumable in the Fortnite files. Rewind back to may of this year, we discovered the same consumable and predicted that it would be coming in Season 4 of Fortnite. Obviously, that was not the case as the consumable was not released in Season 4. This led us to believe that this was a failed concept by Epic Games. It’s safe to assume now that all Epic needed was some time to rework the item. This new consumable has not yet been confirmed by Epic Games, but we think it’s safe to assume that a new ‘Durr Burger consumable’ is on the way. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.