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Fortnite v6.31 Leaked Skins and Cosmetics

Since the release of Fornite patch v6.31, data miners have been hard at work searching through the game files. Per usual none of these items at the moment can be confirmed to be coming in the game, however below are the following cosmetics you can expect in the coming weeks.
Leaked Skin v6.31
Longshot (Rare) – “No target is out of range”
Leaked Skin v6.31 fortnite
Insight (Rare) – “Target in Sight”
Back Bling Leaked v6.31
Sight Sling (Rare) – “Expertly sighted” 
Backbling leaked v6.31
Scope Satchel (Rare) – “Geared for long distance” 
Lamp (Uncommon) – “The glow is alluring”
Mime Emote Leaked v6.31
Mime Time (Rare) – “Please take me seriously”
Phone It in (Epic) – “Lay down a saxy groove”
Scorecard (Uncommon) – “Consider yourself judged”
Showstopper (Rare) – “Pull out all the stops”