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A hidden village has been discovered in Fortnite Season 7

Just a couple of days ago Fortnite Season 7 was released. Fans are already eager for any type of map update that may come in the near future. We can assume that the majority of the changes are to going to be on the snow side of the map. I think we can all agree Polar Peak is due for an immediate update as we’ve seen players able to explore what lies beneath the snow. In a video by a German Youtuber that goes by the name of StanPlay, discovered that you could explore the underground village in playground mode. Before, players will only able to get a sneak peek at what was lied undeath the castle, but were not able to set foot in the underground village.

To enter the hidden area, StanPlay respawned once outside of Polar Peak which allowed him to easily fly over to the iceberg. From there he threw a port-a-fort which spawned a fortress for him right beside the guard tower. He then respawned again which allowed him to access the hidden village.

Please view the video above to see the hidden village. To us, it looks to us that the area is not yet finished, but it was cool to see StanPlay run around and find loot spawns and chest that were available. Is epic hinting at the ice melting in the future on the winter part of the map?